Triumph of Knowledge

Commissioned by El Camino Foundation, in memory of Les Thomas for the Humanities Division.

Yumi Kiyose designed two figures collaborating and communicating their achievements. These two figures could be interpreted as students, faculty, or simply interacting human beings. They are holding two pennant flags and the globe. I chose six words: Achievement, Freedom, Humanities, Literature, Respect, and Truth, which relate to both the Humanities Division's basic concepts and their universal application. These six compelling words have been translated into seven languages presenting the Humanities Departments on the two pennant flags. My idea for the pennants was developed by graphic artist Darren Frale, who created rhythm and movement using the large and small Latin alphabet and Asian characters on the pennant flags. The globe presents the International and Humanities Division, which has English, English as a second language, foreign languages, journalism, and library information science. The blue glass globe they hold in unison echoes this theme. It is fabricated using the same blue as in the El Camino College logo. The shiny bronze continental globe surrounding the blue glass is designed to provide a vivid contrast to the dark blue matte color, the bronze figures, and the stainless-steel flags that create dynamic movement.

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